Happy Thanksgiving

This weeks challenge of Bokeh has been fun at times and a pain in the butt at others, some seriously out of the box thinking for us. Honestly we both will be happy when it ends on Sunday. Here are a few of the bokeh’s we came up with.


We would love to hear your comments on this challenge and see some more of your photo’s. Here are a few of the bokeh’s we came up with.


This week we are proud to introduce you to our dear friend Jan Munger. Jan is such a fun lady to shoot with and takes some beautiful photographs. Check out more of her work on Instagram @janelaine59 and on Facebook JanElaine. Below are some examples of the fabulous work she does.

This next challenge will be for 2 weeks. We are going to post our daily shots around the theme of what we are greatful for. Tag #twostrangersphotography on IG and share some of the things you are thankful for so we can feature you too!

Melanie and I want to wish all of you a most delightful and pleasant Thanksgiving next week. We won’t post next week so we can spend time with our Families. Have a blessed week.

Peace my friends

Sept 14, 2017

This weeks projects and Instameet update


Melanie has fallen off the grid while she enjoys some well deserved R & R in Lake Powell. I’m so excited to see the new captures of Lake Powell when she gets back amongst the real people. Until then here are some of her Street Style Shoots.



As for Jeff I’ve been having fun learning about shadows, lighting, contrast, etc. Here are a couple of B & W Street Style




UPDATE: Instameet-  Date: October 7, 2017
Location: Utah Lake State Park (4400 Center St. Provo, UT)
Entrance fee is waive just mention the Instameet.
Time: 5:00pm – until whenever…
Giveaways sponsored by:
@utahlake @baby_jeep_racing @hobohammocks
@interstatebait @bali_wear
Come meet fellow IGers and take photos, mingle, and enjoy and evening at the lake! Excited to meet everyone!
Questions feel free to contact Jeff or Melanie at twostrangersphotography@gmail.com or on instagram @uncle_egghead_photography or @mamojeep_photography
We would also like to Thank all of our supporters: @ig_favoritethings @momentsofblonde @whatiseefromhere @westbysouthwest @nicole_pino_d @wowutah @utahgram
Hopefully, I didn’t forget anyone…

Results of the 50mm challenge week

This week Melanie and I decided to only use our 50mm lenses. This was tougher than we thought it would be but has opened a whole new aspect to our photography. This really took us both out of our comfort zone, but was so fun to get the creative juices flowing. We invite you to try it if you’re feeling in a rut or just want to try something new. Here are a few of the results…




As you have probably guessed we are fans of  https://www.digitalphotomentor.com/

Darlene  Hildebrandt has a nice easy teaching style and lots and lots of really fun ideas and challenges to improve your photography and technique. We highly recommend checking out the site. This is a blog article published by Darlene.  Great ideas when your feeling blah on what to shoot.


FYI: We are currently in the process of planning a 'InstaMeet'...
keep checking back with us for more info on the InstaMeet.

Thank you for visiting… we would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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Lightroom Dashboard & the 50mm Challenge…

In our efforts to improve our photography, be inspired & motivated to expand our photography horizons. We stumbled upon LR Dashboard… www.lightroomdashboard.com
I learned that my lens of choice is 18-55mm, f-3.5-5.6: 50% of my photos are taken over the past 6 months have been with this lens. Jeff’s analysis turned up with the 18-250mm, f-5.6: 66% as his all time favorite. 
Having found out this useful information, we started discussing how it is so easy to get into a rut with our shooting. Jeff came up with a challenge to use a lens that we are NOT particularly fond of, and shoot with that lens for and entire week. We typically shoot several times a week or several times a day.  We decided that the 50mm is the winner for this challenge. Hopefully, we won’t throw our camera’s against a rock or toss them in the lake. Wish us the best of luck. 
We will run another analysis in 6 months and see if we are spreading our time evenly between our lens or if that is just the way we want to shoot. Or we might find another challenge hidden in the data.

**Try it out! We would love to hear your about your results. Also, if you would like to join us in this weeks challenge, we would love to see what you create with the 50mm lens. We would be honored to feature your photos here on twostrangersphotography.

Last week Jeff wrote about Perseid Meteor Shower. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy night, so Jeff was unable to shoot the Meteor Shower. However, he did get some pretty amazing shots! Take a look!
I was MIA for the meteor shower but here are a few photos that I took last week when Jeff and I went out on a photo-drive-about.
FYI: We are currently in the process of planning a 'InstaMeet'...
keep checking back with us for more info on the InstaMeet.

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Perseid meteor shower

The brightest meteor shower is well on its way. It is said that it will literally light up the night sky and that some of the meteors will actually be visible during the day.

It will happen from August 11th, 2017 to August 13th, 2017 but will peak on the 12th and will according to PhysicsAstronomy be the only shower this bright for almost 100 years to come. This shower is known as the Perseid meteor shower and every year it occurs between July 17th and August 24th. This shower will best be seen from the Northern Hemisphere, it will be in the north-eastern part of the sky and seems to come from the constellation Perseus.

Here are a couple of links with some great information



Hopefully the weather cooperates on Saturday night when we go to the desert to capture the Meteor Shower. Our plan is to post some cool shots.

Until then enjoy this shot from last year.


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The #3 Challenge:

The Challenge continues..
This week Jeff and I took on Challenge #3 in 10 Photography Challenge. Required us to make artwork out of the bathroom…this was not one of our favorite challenges so far. I decided to make it a little more interesting for myself…I chose to snap shots of the bathroom on a boat. I will say this was quite the feat, those bathrooms are not spacious! Here are a few of the wonders that Jeff and I came up with. As you can see from the photos the lack of interest Jeff had, it is not quite the landscape he so loves to photograph! Hopefully, Challenge #4 will be more eye appealing for him. (hahaha!)
Please check out more of our photos in our galleries on Instagram…  You can see Jeff’s lovely landscapes @uncle_egghead_photograph and Melanie’s mishmash @mamojeep_photography. Thank you for taking an interest in our blog…

The Challenge:

We are taking a 10 Photography Challenges by http://www.digitalphotomentor.com Check out the website for all the challenges. Today the challenge was each of us had to find 3 random things things and take a creative photo of each one. We came up with an old metal tape, bottle of beer, brake parts, colored pencils, a small boat oar, and wrenches.
We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.
These first 6 are Jeff’s:


These next 6 are Melanie’s: