Uncle Egghead Photography  (AKA Jeff Sedgwick)

I affectionately became Uncle Egghead in 1999. Helping my young niece decorate Easter Eggs she found it amusing to cover my bald head with stickers. She then started calling me “Uncle Egghead” and I’ve been known as such since then. Love you Livvy!

I’ve always enjoyed photography but about a year ago I started taking it seriously and have gotten the bug to improve and become a good photographer. In April 2017 I signed up for a photo class and low and behold Melanie and me were the only students. We did some homework assignments together and fast became friends. She has encouraged and challenged me to improve my art form. July 2017 twostrangersphotography.com was born and the rest soon will be history. I love sharing my photo’s and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing. Check out my Instagram for more of my captures. @uncle_egghead_photography

Peace my friends

Melanie Allington Photography (mamojeep_photography) 

I have always loved photography, and anything else that I can express myself with creatively. My passion/obsession with photography started earlier this year (2017), when my son suggested that I become the official photographer for his racing team, BabyJeepRacing.com. I struggled with the fact that I was not very good at photography, that there was so much I did not know. For example: ISO, aperture, exposure, white balance, f-stops, post processing, long exposure….OK everything! I knew how to point and click.

I wanted to know how to “get the night shots”, how to “light” his Jeep up! How to do the actions shots…

Wanting to learn all these things seemed a bit overwhelming. I found a photography school on Instagram, decided to sign up. It was only one night a week for a month. I could handle that, and with any luck I might just learn something.

Holy Cow! I learned so much and was having so much fun, finally capturing images.

I met Jeff at this class, we were the only two students. We got along great and had a blast! After the classes ended. We took another photography class together…and somewhere along the way we decided to start a blog together and share our shutter adventures…

We have both love night photography and steel wool photography. We would shoot steel wool and light painting every night of the week…to bad our spinners are able to spin that much….their arms would fall off!

So for now, it is just one big adventure…

Please enjoy our adventures aa we share them here on our blog.

Feel free to let us know what you think of our posts.

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