Perseid meteor shower

The brightest meteor shower is well on its way. It is said that it will literally light up the night sky and that some of the meteors will actually be visible during the day.

It will happen from August 11th, 2017 to August 13th, 2017 but will peak on the 12th and will according to PhysicsAstronomy be the only shower this bright for almost 100 years to come. This shower is known as the Perseid meteor shower and every year it occurs between July 17th and August 24th. This shower will best be seen from the Northern Hemisphere, it will be in the north-eastern part of the sky and seems to come from the constellation Perseus.

Here are a couple of links with some great information

Hopefully the weather cooperates on Saturday night when we go to the desert to capture the Meteor Shower. Our plan is to post some cool shots.

Until then enjoy this shot from last year.


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